Castle Wolfenstein movie planned, features Pulp Fiction co-writer, Silent Hill producer


Roger Avary, who co-wrote Pulp Fiction, will pen the action adventure. The movie tells the story of a British special agent and a US army captain who uncover a secret Nazi weapon and, of course, run in to the SS Paranormal Division, as one has to stay true to their source material. Expect plenty of gunplay, people eating plates of chicken they find on the floor and lots of tragic, tragic dog shooting.

“It is a big action adventure but also strongly character driven and based on a very solid story,” says producer Samuel Hadida over at Eurogamer. You may know Hadida as the producer behind the Resident Evil and Silent Hill films, two perfectly average video game adaptations. Avary also wrote the latter. I’m particularly looking forward to a scene where the heroes spend an hour rubbing against all the walls as they attempt to find secret doors.