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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow studio tease Alien-esque sci-fi project, “strange creatures”

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Sometimes all the conditions can be right and the cake still turns out a bit soggy – such is the volatility of game development. The Castlevania name stayed with Spanish series saviours MercurySteam for last year’s Lords of Shadow sequel – but reaction was so bad that its director dubbed reviewers “blind or stupid”.

Some time away might be what the studio needs – and appears to be exactly what they’ve got.

The MercurySteam site is fronted by a new page today, which reports that they’re off “exploring new worlds, fighting strange creatures, discovering new heroes”.

The background image invokes Ridley Scott-era Alien in its embryonic meeting of man and machine. A cigar-smoking action hero sits surrounded by a complicated array of interlinked electronics and green screens – though you have to wonder whether his bulging biceps would allow much movement.

Fancy clambering into a claustrophobic cockpit to give the Lords of Shadow lot another chance?