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Our Cat President Let’s Play returns! Can things get any more unhinged? Quite possibly…

Cat President let's play

Games can be wonderful things. They can take us to impossible, fantastical worlds. They can let us enact incredible power fantasies. They can make us laugh, make us cry, make us rage quit.

A cat as president?! Whatever next? Find out over on the PCGamesN homepage…

Or they can be shoddily produced visual novels in which you try and get one of six cats elected as President of the United States.

And that’s exactly the case here, as Kelly and Joel sit down with Cat President, the only game on Steam in which you can be the campaign manager for a feline with designs on the Oval Office (probably – we haven’t actually checked).

What follows is as creepy as it is bizarre, as chosen candidate DJ Nibbles – yes, really – gets extremely flirty, we’re told to fight off the zombie apocalypse, and then a man with the American flag tattooed across his chest hosts a presidential debate in a high school classroom. If that doesn’t get you watching, we don’t know what will.

If you’ve not kept up to date so far – for shame – then episode 1 is below, while the latest instalment lives just up the top there. No – there. There!

Episode 1

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