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Cattle Country is a cozy cowboy game with an Arthur Morgan trailer

Cattle Country sends you to the Wild West, except it’s not so wild and there’s a lot of friends to meet as you build your own homestead.

Cattle Country is a cozy cowboy game with an Arthur Morgan trailer: A townsperson with white hair and beard looks at you with soulful eyes.

Westerns have always been my least favorite genre of film, that is until I watched a few of the real classics and found my opinion beginning to change. Similarly, I didn’t care for farming games, until I played Stardew Valley and once again I was proved wrong. So the upcoming Cattle Country, a Western themed farming sim where you play as a cowboy, brings me a surprising amount of glee.

Its charms are both obvious and utterly compelling. Cattle Country puts you in the leather boots of a pioneer heading west, out into the frontiers to build a new life. There you’ll encounter friends and foes as you make a claim to a homestead of your own, which you’ll build up in true farming game style. Obviously, given the name, cattle will be a big part of your plans. You can’t be a cowboy without cows – that’s just a boy.

What I’m looking forward to getting stuck into most is the same thing that drew me into Stardew Valley so well – the interpersonal relationships between you and the other townsfolk. As befitting their position in a rugged town on the edge of civilization, these are hardy folk who don’t suffer fools gladly, but win them over and they’ll be your friends for life. Of course there are others out there less predisposed to friendship, bandits will make your life a living hell unless you take the fight to them.

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If all that doesn’t sound delicious enough, there’s an extra course that might tempt you in a little more. To coincide with the announcement for the game, a reveal trailer dropped that shows off how the game fits together. In what must be a small coup, this trailer is narrated by Roger Clark – the voice actor behind Arthur Morgan from Read Dead Redemption 2. There’s no indication that Clark will be voicing any characters in-game, however, but his inclusion in the teaser adds an extra layer of cowboy-ness to the game.

Cowboy Country doesn’t have a release date yet but you can head to Steam to add it to your wishlist.

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