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Celeste will get free DLC, but not in time for its birthday

A new chapter is on the way for Madeline, with even harder levels to overcome.

Celeste wound up being our Game of the Year here at PCGamesN, and it’s about to get bigger: creator Matt Thorson says he’s making a DLC package for Celeste that will be free on all platforms – but it won’t be out in time for the game’s one-year anniversary this month.

If you missed Celeste last year, it’s a challenging platformer about overcoming your own inner doubts and anxieties, challenging you to master increasingly complex jumps and timings in order to guide our heroine Madeline up Mount Celeste and ultimately confront the ‘evil’ version of herself, Badeline.

Each of Celeste’s levels has a B-side version, which adds additional difficulty to an already challenging game. Fortunately, every time you die, you’re back in the action in under a second, making Celeste a game that really is about overcoming your own personal doubts and frustrations.

Thorson says the free DLC chapter for Celeste will be a continuous sequence without B-sides or the collectible strawberries that make levels even tougher, but don’t worry – all the levels come after the base game’s most difficult levels. We can take that to mean they’ll be plenty hard.

Thorson also said the DLC will include some new items and game mechanics, but didn’t specify the nature of either.

More Celeste is great news, because it’s simply one of last year’s best games. It surprised Harry, who didn’t think it was his kind of thing until he discovered himself mastering moves he’d once thought were impossible, and identifying strongly with Madeline’s inner turmoil.

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So, if Celeste is a game you missed or passed on last year, now might be a good time to, well, jump in. Even if you don’t normally like platformers, Celeste’s clever design and compelling narrative are almost sure to win you over.