Change your NVIDIA password – forums hacked, details compromised


Big tech corporations are probably at the state where they are all huddled in the corner, looking around in a panic stricken mess as they wait for their turn to come around, each of them another civilisation rich universe with the Reapers on the way to harvest their usernames and passwords. Where is Shepard? Where is the tech corporation’s saviour?
NVIDIA’s forums have been hacked, with both usernames and emails hacked. You should probably change your password and be on the lookout for phishing spam. 

The hackers also got their hands on hashed password with ‘random salt value’, which immediately makes me hope the hackers going to be eating them and wincing with distaste at the overseasoning, but is probably something much more boring and efficient.
As for the forums themselves, NVIDIA have suspended the forums until they’ve sorted this whole sorry mess.
Just for security’s sake, you might want to consider a program like KeePass to manage your passwords, as it keeps everything separate, like a sexy passwordsplinter cell.

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