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Changes being made to Black Mesa following leaked footage


Hmm. Looks like Black Mesa’s going to be a little later in being released. Following the leak a four minute video of largely finalised content there have been a few vocal complaints from expectant fans. Criticisms that are now being addressed.

Writing on the game’s forums, lead developer Raminator said the two main points of contention were
the iron sight-esque zoom and the dialogue overheard in the leaked
The iron sights remain but they are now
an option that can be flicked off in the options menu. Thank goodness
for that, I couldn’t bare to have my screen sullied with that small
bit of gun.

The voices, now that will be a more involved change.
For a start, they’re throwing away the
timid-voiced sound files and replacing all the grunt dialogue with a
gruffer-voiced, macho man. They’re further toughening the bullet
fodder by adding the sound of radio static to everything they say.
Because we rarely go around making the noise of a staticy radio when
we talk, they’re also giving all the grunt models gas masks.