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Chaos Reborn audio drama series in the works; Julian Gollop “tremendously” excited

Chaos Reborn

As one open development project ends, another begins. No sooner had Chaos Reborn left Early Access than Snapshot Games announced their role in a Radio Theatre Workshop production based on the tactics title’s fractured universe. The Workshop, who wrote and produced Elite serial Escape Velocity, are asking for £2,500 on Kickstarter.

A range of full-cast dramas are planned, with the first releases set for early next year. They’ll flesh out Snapshot’s world brought low by liberal magic-flinging, with tales of marauders tracking an invading wizard, a skeletal lord seeking help with a revenge problem and – perhaps the bravest stretch – a unicorn breeder murdered on the day of a big race.

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“We’re massive fans of Julian Gollop’s game and it’s amazing to work alongside the developers, because we get access to all the art and sound effects, which enable us to create something really faithful,” says Escape Velocity producer Christopher Jarvis. “This will mean that fans of the Chaos Reborn game can keep enjoying the experience even when they’re away from their PCs.”

Julian Gollop added: “The prospect of high quality audio drama based in the universe of Chaos Reborn is tremendously exciting. Exploring the universe of Chaos Reborn through drama will greatly enrich players’ experience of the game.”

The Workshop are collaborating with Allen Stroud, author of Chaos’ tie-in novel. The Kickstarter will cover actors’ fees for the first episode – more if stretch goals are reached.

I’ve been playing Chaos Reborn in multiplayer for many months, but only hopped into its single player Realms mode upon launch yesterday. There’s definitely something magical about its procedurally generated worlds: verdant plains punctuated by jutting mountains and goblin mining operations. Worth exploring at length, do you think?

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