Free games: Win a Steam key for Chef to get a taste of proper restaurant management!

Thinking of opening your own restaurant one day? Maybe you should play Chef first to see if it's really for you


Videogames are often at their best when they let us fulfil our dreams. They take us on wild adventures across beautiful lands, turn our bodies into hardened muscle without having to do all the training, and give us a chance to drive vehicles that cost more than all the money we’ll make in our lifetime.

But sometimes it’s wise to reel those dreams in a little – make them more achievable, so we can see the satisfaction of a pursuit we could actually commit to. That’s where a game like Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game comes in. Some people have a simple, humble dream of opening their own restaurant. In fact, a lot of people do, and not all of them should – have you watched Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares?

Here we have a game then for people into the idea of opening a restaurant, a game that gives them a taste of what it would involve, all the ups and downs. Maybe it’ll make the people who aren’t really cut out for it rethink their dreams. Owning a restaurant isn’t as romantic as it may seem. As Chef will show: this is a game about managing staff, angry customers, and how to balance a budget. If you love management games it’s definitely one for you.

Chef is currently in Steam Early Access but there’s enough of the game put together that you can play it for hours, madly barking orders at your screen and wiping the sweat from your brow while sat at your desk.

But it’s not all stress and telling your kitchen porter off for under performing. Chef also lets you come up with your own recipes, decide on the menu – go vegan, run a steakhouse, or specialise in seafood if you want – and you can decorate the interior to achieve the ambience you’re after.

There’s plenty to do so let’s not waste any more time talking about Chef – there are hungry mouths to feed! If you want to win one of the five Steam keys for Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game we’re giving away then you need to enter the competition via the widget below.

Every action you complete is worth one entry into the giveaway, with the more actions you complete increasing your chances of winning. We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

Chef giveaway

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