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Child of Light trailer looks like a good time: promises growing up, puzzles and rhyme

Child of Light uses the UbiArt Framework that powered the gloriously 2D Raymans.

In Child of Light, we meet a girl neglected by her father since her mother’s death, fresh out of the tower she’s spent most of her life in.

Hrrm. Can’t help but feel we’ve met her before somewhere. But there’s no Paris fixation, ammo-hurling or universe-ripping here – just puzzles, turn-based combat, and the “intricate use of text as an expressive medium”.

So: Child of Light’s protagonist is named Aurora, which sounds like a Disney princess name – no bad thing. In fact, hang on: the Sleeping Beauty one is named that.

Yarp – it may have escaped your notice that Ubi Montreal’s ‘AAA indie’ effort is a part-time epic ballad. Gaming might not yet have its Citizen Kane, but now at last it has its Rime of the Ancient Mariner (best not to mention Dante’s Inferno, eh).

I do rather like the idea of a character-forming plotline to match the numerically-recorded formation of your character as you level your way through the game.

Isn’t that the core appeal of an RPG system, when it comes down to it? That very real sense of overcoming great odds/nasty kobolds and emerging with a better knowledge of your character? And with plenty of loot under your belt. Also a sweet new belt. Isn’t it?