Ubisoft prep more Child of Light projects

Child of Light

The release of Child of Light was a pivotal moment for Ubisoft. It was the baby of Patrick Plourde, who worked his way through the ranks at the publisher’s flagship Montreal studio and cashed in his influence for a shot at an oddball JRPG written wholly in verse.

The results didn’t wow everyone, but the example has rippled through Ubisoft, who have since funded projects like Valiant Hearts in Montpellier and Grow Home in Newcastle. And more is yet to happen in the Child of Light universe.

Plourde, who now acts as a guardian angel for promising little projects within Ubisoft, tweeted that there were some “very cool projects”, plural, in the works related to Child of Light.

A sequel plus comic? More than one comic? A range of t-shirts and an NFL sponsorship? We can but speculate.

“For a game in which you collect scraps of poetry floating on the breeze, Child of Light is unexpectedly challenging,” said Steve in his Child of Light hands on. “Flying about Child of Light’s levels and solving simple block and maze puzzles is a delightfully carefree distraction from the deeply tactical RPG combat underpinning it. An enigmatic and artistic adventure with some disarmingly well-developed and hidden strategy depths.”

Do you think those depths are worth plunging again for a sequel?