Chinese tech site benchmarks the Radeon Pro Duo – it’s 59% faster than a 980 ti at 4K

AMD Radeon Duo Pro

Yesterday AMD launched their new flagship graphics card, a dual-GPU model essentially comprising two R9 Nanos on one board, cooled by a smart-looking liquid cooler. The Radeon Pro Duo didn’t find its way to the usual array of tech outlets for benchmarking though, which meant we all just had to take AMD’s word for it when they said it was the new fastest card around – until Polaris and Pascal arrive, naturally. 

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Since then, Expreview have published benchmarks of the Radeon Pro Duo at 1080p and 4K across a number of games and synthetic tests, pitting it against both a single R9 Fury and NVIDIA’s GTX 980 ti. The results not only demonstrate that AMD weren’t bluffing – they may actually have been downplaying the capabiltiies of their new card. Take a look:

Vs 980 ti @ 1080p

AMD Radeon Pro Duo benchmarks

Vs 980 ti @ 4K

AMD Radeon Pro Duo benchmarks

Vs Fury X @ 1080p

AMD Radeon Pro Duo benchmarks

Vs Fury X @ 4K

AMD Radeon Pro Duo benchmarks

Thanks, expreview.