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Chris Roberts disheartened by worries that Star Citizen is “some sort of scam”

Star Citizen, as seen from the cockpit. It is nearly as nice as the Elite: Dangerous cockpit. Nearly.

Star Citizen’s dogfighting module was released to backers yesterday. But response to its two previous delays has been so negative that Chris Roberts is wondering whether to keep schtum about Cloud Imperium’s internal deadlines in future.

“I’m given pause not by internal criticism from frustrated backers who really just want to get into space,” he wrote, “but by sensationalistic headlines that imply we’re not working hard or that the game is some sort of scam.”

Cloud Imperium have shared internal targets with their backers that normally would be for publishers’ eyes only. But despite the caveat ‘if everything goes according to plan’, that’s led to misunderstanding, accusations of laziness and, at the extreme end, talk of scamming.

“I can assure you that the whole team is committed to making the best game possible, so it is disheartening when our attempts at transparency are used against us to paint a negative picture of this amazing project,” said Roberts.

Cloud Imperium have asked backers to vote on whether they’d like to continue to be told ETAs on Star Citizen’s various components, or whether they’ll willingly be in the dark from now on.

“If you choose the former, we’ll just have to put the word ‘TENTATIVE’ in caps for the benefit of everyone that doesn’t follow the project as closely as all you,” said Roberts, drily.

The Cloud Imperium team had reportedly been working “around the clock” to finish off a stable build of Arena Commander, Star Citizen’s dogfighting module.

“It’s been a longer wait than many of you would have liked, and the team and I share your impatience as we all wanted to have this in your hands a lot sooner,” said Roberts. “I can assure you though, it has not been from lack of effort or focus.”

The wing commander further warned of crashes, slowdowns, installation issues and the like. “You ARE our full QA department,” he exclaimed. Is that what you want to be?