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Chris Roberts PAX East itinerary: Land at PAX, show off Star Citizen dogfighting module, crash ship immediately

Star Citizen PAX East

Chris Roberts was on stage at the Star Citizen PAX East event, teasing more of the dogfighting module to backers. Dogfighting was planned originally for the end of December, but was pushed back so the team could develop its own multiplayer system. It was later pushed to this month. At the PAX event, Roberts said that it will be due out in about a month. 

Despite crashing – the ship, not the game – and a few other hiccups, Roberts showed off a significant portion of the module. The module is a game within a game: a space sim that can be played by pilots. It’ll be split into five modes, with leaderboards for anyone who wants to show off their piloting skills.

If you just want to skip the chatter and get straight to the gameplay, then you’re in luck, as someone has already uploaded exactly that.

And if you’d rather watch the entire presentation, then your wish is my command.