Chronicle: Runescape Legends beta starts next month, shuffle your decks on March 23rd

Chronicle Runescape Legends

With Hearthstone proving that you can turn a fantasy RPG universe into an elegant card game with relative ease, Jagex are jumping on board the CCG train with Chronicle: Runescape Legends. They’ve been teasing it for a while, but you’ll finally be able to see if it’s a shameless Hearthstone rip-off or inspired new approach when it goes into open beta on March 23rd.

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Previously Jagex held a 10-week closed beta where 700,000 games of Chronicle helped them work out where the game was going. The open beta will see many more players and matches, and will add new Legend characters to play as, a Dungeoneering mode, and new environments to play in.

The Legends come in the forms of Venescula the Vampyre and Morvan the Slayer Master. These will be the fifth and sixth Legends to be on offer, and naturally have their own distinct styles to bring to the game.

The new Dungeoneering mode offers PvP challenges that award coins, Gem Shards, and Platinum, and will begin by asking players to created a drafted deck that will (hopefully!) carry them to victory.

The open beta will also introduce Skilling, which is the game’s equivalent to an RPG XP system. Every action performed in the game awards XP, which can be invested in skills and unlocks to advance your abilities. Levelling up your Legend will also unlock new skins and outfits, which can also be purchased from the in-game store.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold league tables will keep count of who’s the best, so if you’re looking for bragging rights be sure to get your name listed high on these.

Does another fantasy-based CCG interest you, or are you happy sticking with the ever-popular Hearthstone and Magic?