Chunks is Facepunch’s answer to Minecraft, with rollercoaster support

Chunks Facepunch

Facepunch has become so synonymous with Rust that we easily forget that the developer is quietly working away on other things too. The other thing in question is Chunks, and it’s basically a bit Minecraft. Facepunch’s approach to the voxel world formula seems a little more fluid though, and this new demo video shows how a magic wand tool can be used to summon a rollercoaster track.

Chunks appears to have a variety of colour coded magic wands, which can be used to drag out lengths of track, raise and lower it, and spin it into shapes such as loop-to-loops. The rollercoaster carts themselves can then be sped up or slowed down with another tool.

If that’s all a bit too creative for you, you can always just summon great blocks of TNT and hurl them into the ground. The result is the expected angular, jagged craters.

Chunk’s worlds are infinite, and the video demonstrates how the game generates new landscapes on the fly as you reach the outer limits of what has already been created. Yet another wand allows you to teleport.

In the video’s YouTube comments, Facepunch’s James King said that he is “mostly exploring the technology at the moment, but we intend to turn it into something that we can release.”

It’s very clearly early days for Chunks, but would you be interested in a new take on Minecraft’s ideas?

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