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Cities in Motion: London announced, due out November 20th


So there’s a new Cities in Motion expansion on its expertly-engineered way from Paradox and best-named developers Colossal Order, them of the original mass-transit sim. Thought you’d get your affairs in order and start saving up for its release? Well, you’ve already taken far too long about it. It’s out this time next week.

It’ll cost but £3.99/$4.99 via your favourite digital distributor and feature three new scenarios, a fleet of new vehicles, and landmarks including but not limited to Tower Bridge, the Gherkin and that glorified ferris wheel.

And then there’s the Underground – no word on which lines are set for inclusion, but given Colossal Order’s track record for detail I imagine we’re in for a far more accurate recreation than, say, Modern Warfare 3’s.

All of which is quite jolly – “Tally Ho!” reads Paradox’s press release – but I can’t help but worry that rerouting London’s wonkily interweaved transport systems will be a bit bloody hard.

What do you reckon?