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Cities Skylines 2 economy patch suddenly delayed just before launch

The Economy 2.0 patch was meant to land today for Cities Skylines 2 bringing an end to renters' woes but there’s been a sudden problem.

Cities Skylines 2 economy patch suddenly delayed just before launch: A cozy little house sits in suburbs with the city rising up behind.

Thursday June 20 – Added confirmation of the new release date for the Economy 2.0 patch from Colossal Order.

Landlords. No-one likes them, unless you are one, and even in gaming they can cause problems. In Cities Skylines 2 landlords have caused high rent issues which mean your citizens have been forced to cut spending on building upkeep among other issues. The Economy 2.0 update was meant to fix this, and this patch was supposed to launch today, but a sudden delay has meant that your virtual landlords have a stay of execution. For now.

This update doesn’t just fire its problem solving beam at landlords, however. There’s plenty under the lens in the Economy 2.0 patch, overhauling one of the most criticized aspects of Cities Skylines 2. Players of the city building game have encountered issues with the game’s economy both being too obtuse and confusing, as well as too simple and straightforward, depending on the economic activity in question.

For example, you have rent. In the current version of Cities Skylines 2 there’s a complicated series of systems which determine how much residents have to pay, depending on a variety of factors I’m frankly too dim to grasp. With the new update, it’ll be simplified and should avoid the majority of rental issues players currently experience.

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On the other side, we have changes which promise to make the game more challenging, even while increasing the economy’s transparency. Chief of these is the removal of government subsidies, which means you’ll start each game in a tougher situation but one where you’ll have direct control over your entire budget. So if you fail – it’s your fault.

With warnings issued by developer Colossal Order about the impact of the patch causing a potential, but temporary “death wave” that would strike your existing cities, we expected the update to arrive sooner rather than later. It seems the original intended launch date was today, but a last minute delay has hit it with a post on X, formerly Twitter, letting the community know what’s happening.

“We really wanted to have the Economy Patch out today, but unfortunately, we cannot make that happen tonight,” the post reads. “We know that you’re excited to try the new patch and we will have more information out as soon as we have it tomorrow!”

The full tweet explaining the Economy 2.0 patch delay.

So for the moment there’s no firm launch date for the Economy 2.0 patch but we should know more about the situation tomorrow. If you’d like to read what’s going to hit Cities Skylines 2 in this update, you can read developer diaries one and two which do a deep dive into the changes.

Update – Thursday June 20: Colossal Order confirms, “We are happy to announce that we have now passed certification and are ready to publish the Economy 2.0 patch on Monday June 24 at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am BST / 10am CEST.” It explains that the delay was due to “some last-minute fixes that were implemented earlier this week, which make us more confident in the release.”

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