Cities: Skylines Art Deco DLC will feature purely community creations

Cities: Skylines art deco pack

Along with planning to blow up your city with big falling rocks in the Natural Disasters DLC, Cities: Skylines’ upcoming content includes some lovely buildings. Twist is it’s all community created, and revenues will be directed back to the modder that provided them.

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This first pack, with more planned in a similar theme, is all from community creator Matt “Shroomblaze” Crux. You can see his previous work over on the Steam Workshop where he has a massive collection of new assets available for free. The DLC pack will contain totally new, deco-inspired creations.

“After over 3,400 hours in Cities: Skylines, it’s wonderful to have my own buildings become part of the game’s landscape,” says Crux. “Because the Art Deco era is so highly regarded as one of the best building styles of history, I think it needs to be represented as such. I made the suggestion to Paradox Interactive and they allowed me to come up with the buildings of my choice.”

As mentioned, he’ll be paid in revenue share from the sale of the pack, as well as having already received a sum from Paradox to cover the development time. If you’re interested, the Art Deco pack will be available next week. It’s up on Steam now with lots of lovely screenshots of Crux’s work.