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Cities: Skylines expansion Snowfall revealed with winter wonderland trailer

Cities Skylines expansion

There’s a new Cities: Skylines expansion on the way and it’s all about the weather. Much more interesting than office small-talk, Snowfall expands every area of the game by introducing systems based on the seasons. Beyond making for some exceptionally beautiful screenshots, vistas and the below trailer, it means things are about to get a lot harder for prospective mayors out there.

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Along with dealing with the averse conditions, Snowfall will be about expanding your city beyond the previous maximums using new public transportation routes. The highlight is lovely trams, as displayed:

Most importantly, of course, are the snowplows. You’ll need a depot to store them in and enough to keep the streets as clean of snow as possible come the darker months. This is vital for keeping your city funcitioning, letting people get to work to provide vital services rather than stuck in their house playing videogames or having fun in the snow. It just can’t be allowed.

It isn’t just the winteriest of weather of course, with rain and fog making their mark on all previous maps as a free cosmetic upgrade not attached to purchasing this expansion. The white stuff will be limited to a special map type, and will accompany an in-game drop in temperature which your power-grind and other services will have to keep up with.

Lots more details, some really beautiful screenshots and incredible pun work over on the Paradox store page.