Cities: Skylines is getting a nightlife in the After Dark expansion

Cities: Skylines - After Dark expansion

I’ve always wondered if the reason for Cities: Skylines‘ perpetual daylight was Colossal Order being Finnish, where night never falls for a whole chunk of the year. Regardless, the era of constant sunshine is almost over, because today Colossal Order announced Cities: Skylines – After Dark, which sounds a bit raunchy.  

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The After Dark expansion will introduce a day and night cycle to Cities: Skylines, and with it, a whole host of new decisions and mayoral responsibilities.

“Will you construct a bustling city that lives and breathes at night,” Colossal Order ask, “or will your city succumb to the perils and misadventures of night life?”

Finally we’ll be able to start building our very own versions of Gotham, which is all I’ve ever really wanted.