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Blimps come to Cities: Skylines in the Mass Transit expansion on May 18

Cities skylines mass transit

Cities: Skylines is getting more travel options for your citizens next month in Mass Transit, a new add-on that lets your populace mooch about in style: in monorails, aboard ferries, suspended in cable cars, and soaring through the skies in blimps.

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Mass Transit also adds Transit Hubs, letting you link tram lines together or even different modes of travel. For example, you could send your citizens to the top of a mountain in a cable car, then have them enter a blimp from up-top.

New road types, bridges, and canals have also been added. In a free update alongside the DLC, you’ll now be able to name your roads, too. Oh, and everyone will get free access to a new traffic management system.

Mass Transit will be available on May 18 for $12.99.