Meteor strikes to kill millions… in Cities: Skylines on November 29

Cities Skylines: Natural Disasters. This is a meteor.

The latest expansion for Cities: Skylines is all set to launch on November 29, and will add natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and more.

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When they randomly occur, they are a challenge from which to recover in the course of a normal game. When they are manually summoned to destroy dozens of hours of your own hard work, they have the same perverse appeal for city-building fans as does kicking over a sandcastle on a beach. They have been a staple of genre pioneer SimCity for some time now, and one of the few conspicuously missing features from indie rival Cities: Skylines.

That absence is now to be remedied as natural disasters come to the management sim. Check out the dev diary above for a full run-down of each disaster and hear about Colossal Order’s design goals for the expansion.

To manage the possible threat of a natural disaster, you’ll need to protect your citizens by investing in disaster response teams and early warning systems (such as the deep space radar, which can detect meteor strikes). Of course, you can also trigger them deliberately out of pure spite.

The expansion will also feature a new emergency broadcast network and five pre-made scenarios designed to test your crisis management skills.

Natural Disasters will be available to purchase on November 29, and will cost you £10.99 or $14.99 US. For more information, check out the expansion’s Steam page.