Cities: Skylines’ latest expansion brings natural disasters to your urban utopias

Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters

When you’ve poured hundreds of hours constructing the ideal city – streamlining congestion, filling it with beautiful parks and balancing out the needs of every sector – it’s comforting to know that Mother nature can’t step in and lay waste to all your hard work. However, Cities: Skylines’ latest DLC offering wants to do just that to your urban utopias, offering a range of potential natural disasters and tasking players with picking up the pieces, like planetary janitors.

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The gauntlet thrown down by Natural Disasters DLC is for players to keep their city going, even after one of several possible disasters, from meteor impact to towering inferno. To face this threat players will receive a range of tools that will help them plan for and respond to potential threats, including early warning systems, evacuation plans and helicopter response teams. You can watch the content drops’ brief announcement trailer below.

A range of radio stations are also making their way into the game as part of the expansion. Citizens will be able to use the airwaves to quickly spread disaster warnings – of course as the player this also means there’ll be some new music to listen to as you watch the world burn. Continuing the mass communication theme, the in-game Twitter-like, Chirper, will be getting some new hats too, because videogames.

If you don’t want to submit your perfect city to the perils of entropy, you’ll have the option of making your own disaster scenarios and sharing them online.