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Cities Skylines patch 1.4 introduces landscaping and canals

Cities Skylines

New tools are coming to let you flatten mountains, smooth out slopes and alter Cities Skylines’ topography however you see fit.

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As well as the topography tweaking, now you can also place flood walls wherever you want to keep that pesky liquid out of your cities, off your roads and in a body of water where it belongs. You can use the new systems to create your own canals and wharfs if you want.

This being a patch, obviously it comes with a bunch of bug fixes and other boring stuff, too.

Some of these fixes are in response to fan feedback, much like the following: “We have gotten a lot of requests about the road elevation being too steep,” writes the official post. “Therefore the roads, paths, tunnels and tracks now have a new button in the Option panel where you can select snapping and straight or curve type.

“The button has three states and can be used to cycle through three preset heights for the elevation step when using page up and page down. This will give a little bit more precision to laying those roads. Placing of the dams should also get slightly easier with the terrain topography visible in the build view.”

The patch also adds improved error handling for you modders out there, which should make it easier for players to find broken mods.

There are more updates planned throughout spring.

Have a look at the full 1.4 patch notes here:

  • Landscaping tools – Tools to edit terrain heights (Shift, Level, Smooth, Slopes), 3 brush sizes and 3 strengths are available in the option bar.
  • Paths – Paths were moved from Decorations to Landscaping Paths
  • Trees – Trees were moved from the Props Decorations group to Landscaping Trees
  • Rocks – Added rocks objects
  • Water Structures – contains Floodwalls, Quays and Canals
  • Decoration service renamed to Parks&Plazas
  • Parks – The Standard parks
  • Plazas – The Plazas style parks
  • Others parks – The parks which don’t belong in the 2 categories above
  • Tourism & Leisure – After Dark DLC only, contains all the park assets from After Dark
  • Winter Parks – Snowfall DLC only, contains all the park assets from Snowfall and only shows if you are in a Winter map
  • New categories for Unique Buildings
  • The Environment panel of the Map editor now contains several terrain props such as ruined/abandoned buildings and rocks.
  • The roads, paths, tunnels and tracks now have a new button in the Option panel where you can select snapping and straight or curve type. The button has 3 states and can be used to cycle through 3 preset heights for the elevation step when using page up and page down.
  • New steam achievements implemented
  • Default maps updated with new environment props
  • Dam placement shows terrain topography
  • Blurry cliff textures improved
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Text: SPA/FRE/RUS : In-Game: Line color will overlap the Line Name in the Public Transport – Lines detail window.
  • Fixed: PDX Accounts creation lacks countries (Montenegro added).
  • Fixed: Suggestion: Expansion 2: UI: The Lines Detail panel could be easier to access.
  • Fixed: Suggestion: Expansion 2: UI: The total number of transport lines could be added in the Lines Detail panel.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: You can have two rows of Roads buttons at the same time
  • Fixed: Main Menu: Tools: Mouse wheel scroll does not work in the “map theme” selection screen. (Fixed also in theme selections.)
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Design: The Prisoners and Cyclists statistics are displayed in the City Statistic even if the After Dark expansion has not been purchased.
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Public Transport Lines can only be sorted in one direction
  • Fixed: Expansion: Design: Vehicles coming out of Cargo Hubs have incorrect path causing looping and traffic issues.
  • Fixed: Theme Editor: Changing the water normal for a theme does not get saved
  • Fixed: Faulty transition when connecting bicycle path to pavement path
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Theme Editor: Grass color offset values doesn’t get updated on the map immediately
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: It is difficult to understand the impact of Heating on the budget
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Pathfinding: Sometimes, snow plows and road maintenance vehicles do not complete their work shift and disappear.
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: “Unsubscribe all” and “disable all” are missing a letter in 1600×900 resolution
  • Fixed: Keybinding strings under the Theme Editor tab are unlocalized
  • Fixed: Strings regarding themes in New Game and Load Game menus are unlocalised
  • Fixed: Text in Asset Editor tab of the Keymapping menu is cut-off in several languages
  • Fixed: Several entries in Keymapping \ Asset Editor are unlocalised
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Snowfall map names in the New Game menu are unlocalised in Korean
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Water & Sewage tooltip in Budget menu does not mention Heating.
  • Fixed: “Last updated” text overlaps button in several languages in the Content Manager
  • Fixed: The “Included in x styles” text does not get updated when switching language settings
  • Fixed: LOC: POL: The “Households” text in a district’s Info Panel is overlapping with the Population graph.
  • Fixed: LOC: ALL: Map Editor: Import and Export Heightmap not localized.
  • Fixed: Expansion 2: Some of the new Snowfall props aren’t localised in the Asset Editor
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: “2x3_Nightclub01” has wrong sort of names
  • Fixed: German language – ‘Reset Configuration’ button is inconsistent (big letters) with other buttons
  • Fixed: Gameplay option “dynamic weather” is translated wrong to German
  • Fixed: LOC: FRE/POR/RUS/POL/GER: Text: The warning message when changing resolutions is cut-off.
  • Fixed: Several non-winter maps in the New Games panel are not localised in any language except English
  • Modding: Added few serializers for some data types to go into CRPs (DepotAI.SpawnPoint, PropInfo.Effect, BuildingInfo.SubInfo, PropInfo.ParkingSpace, PropInfo.SpecialPlace)
  • Modding: Improved error handling for mods causing exceptions during the ILoading interface callbacks and consequently disabling other mods
  • Modding: Added profiling ability for custom content loading (using the –enabled-dev-ui toggle, Show loading profile and Show custom content)

Can you run it? Check your PC against the Cities: Skylines system requirements.