Cities: Skylines – Snowfall will release on February 18th for the price of a decent pizza

Cities Skylines snowfall release date

The next expansion for Cities Skylines, Snowfall – which gives you harsh weather and trams to deal with on top of all your other duties – will be releasing in just a couple of weeks on February 18th publishers Paradox have announced today. It’s also coming at a fairly low pricetag of $12.99, which will probably translate to £8.99 and €12.99, maybe €11.99 depending on how regional pricing is looking these days.

Cities: Skylines has conquered our best strategy games list.

Paradox announced as much on Twitter:

The dev diary they’re talking about will be the third in a mini-series that has been getting posted on the official forums, similar to the Stellaris (any excuse to mention lovely Stellaris) ones we’ve reported before. The first was about the announcement of the expansion itself, but the second had particulars on how the expansion changes the way Skylines’ roads work and the particulars of what’s on them. The other major addition in the expansion is heating systems, so at a guess the new diary will be about those.

I’m sure you’ll find time for a new Cities: Skylines expansion on February 18th. Quite quiet for games at the moment isn’t it? Nothing to spend your time on, a few 20 hour city simulations should do nicely.