Get Cities: Skylines for $1, and most of its expansions for $18

Cities: Skylines goes cheaper than ever before in a new bundle

Skyscrapers in Cities: Skylines.

If you’re looking to dive into Cities: Skylines for the first time or want to catch up on its mountain of DLC, there’s a heck of a Humble Bundle for you. The Humble Cities: Skylines bundle makes both the base game and most of its major DLC expansions cheaper than ever before, so you can get more bang for your city-building buck.

For $1 on the Humble Store, you can get Cities: Skylines and its Deep Focus Radio DLC. Beat the average price (currently $8.69) and you’ll get the Snowfall and Natural Disasters expansions, plus Concerts and High-Tech Buildings DLC. Pay the full $18, and you’ll get the Mass Transit, Green Cities, Industries, and Campus expansions, plus Art Deco and European Suburbia DLC.

That full package gets you six of the nine major expansions for Cities: Skylines (plus some smaller DLC) at a pretty impressive price. Price tracker IsThereAnyDeal shows that none of those expansion packs has been offered for sale under $5 individually, so this is an order of magnitude cheaper than any previous deal.

As usual, the bundle will come in the form of Steam keys that you can redeem at your leisure.

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