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Prepare yourselves, the final Cities Skylines DLCs have been revealed

The last Cities Skylines DLCs have been revealed by Paradox and Colossal Order, as the city-building game gears up for the Cities Skylines 2 release date.

With the Cities Skylines 2 release date around the corner, Paradox and Colossal Order are showing that they haven’t forgotten about the original 2015 hit, as the last round of Cities Skylines DLC has been revealed ahead of the city-building game sequel’s arrival.

That’s right, the final DLCs for Cities: Skylines have been revealed, as Paradox prepares for the recently announced Cities Skylines 2. You can expect some new content packs, free updates, and extra radio stations for the original Cities Skylines in 2023, with the sequel set to release later this year as well.

Developer Colossal Order will continue general support throughout 2023, but the March and May DLC drops will be the final DLC releases for Cities Skylines.

Check out the full roadmap in the image below.

Cities Skylines DLC of 2023

The first big Cities Skylines DLC drop arrives on March 22, with three content creator packs, three radio stations, and a free update for all players.

Content Creator Packs

  • Africa in Miniature: explore Africa’s diverse architecture, vibrant colours, and unique urban mix with 28 new buildings
  • Sports Venues: All new large stadiums have realistic football, baseball, and American football animations, plus some new stats, built-in public transport, and even some smaller sports parks too
  • Shopping Malls: adds a variety of shopping malls to your city, with over 60 assets of shops like department stores, fast food chains, and even some plazas

Radio stations

  • JADIA: 16 tracks from musician Wan Shey, paying homage to the African continent
  • ‘80s movie tunes: 15 songs inspired by ‘80s movie music
  • Pop-punk radio: 16 upbeat tunes

Free DLC

  • Hubs and Transport: a free content update that improves the transport system for Cities Skylines base game as well as the After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, and Mass Transit expansions.

You can then also expect three more content creator packs in May: Industrial Evolution, Brooklyn and Queens, and Railroads of Japan, two radio packs, and a mini-expansion also being detailed soon as well.

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