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GTA San Andreas comes to Cities Skylines in astounding creation

GTA San Andreas' map comes to Cities Skylines in this absolutely astounding fan creation, and it will hype you up for the Cities Skylines 2 release date.

GTA San Andreas comes to Cities Skylines in astounding creation

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has come to Cities Skylines, I’m not kidding. One dedicated player has built San Andreas in the first Cities Skylines game ahead of the Cities Skylines 2 release date, and they’ve clearly got a talent for city-building games and creating beautiful metropolis centers.

The GTA San Andreas and Cities Skylines creation comes from user Zocom7, who says this is their second attempt at building the iconic sandbox game’s cityscape. It’s got 76% traffic and a population of over 170,000, with Zocom adding that this second attempt uses all of the Cities Skylines DLC as well.

You can check out a gallery of 20 images below, and yes the iconic Grove Street is there too. I have to admit as well, seeing those shots of the beach had me second-guessing if this was actually Cities Skylines and not GTA for a moment. The last images are even a zoom-out of the whole map, and it’s a proper good job.

Ah s***, here we go again. Grove Street Home. At least it was before I ****** everything up. My second attempt on San Andreas with 170k+ population and 76% traffic, this time with all expansion DLC content used (more info in comments)
by u/Zocom7 in CitiesSkylines

“There was a perfect variation of a cul-de-sac in the Steam workshop to actually work with Grove Street,” Zocom writes. “But the technical problem is that it requires an old Network Extensions 2 mod so I did not use that version because that mod itself is outdated and recent updates of the game have broken the mod over and over again. Unless that version of a cul-de-sac gets a re-release without using a mod, I won’t be using it.”

The Cities Skylines creation doesn’t function exactly as it should, with the Las Venturas airport instead made up of a stadium, parking spaces, a small college, and an amusement park, but it certainly looks the part.

“Only metro rail, train, tram, trolley, and tour buses were used,” Zocom continues. “No public buses, taxis, and post office trucks were used since they increase traffic overall. I used a high-capacity metro rail train, a bullet train, and a modern and expanded tram and trolleybus.”

While we all wait for Cities Skylines 2 to solve our housing and road-building problems, builds like this in the original Cities Skylines show how versatile and detailed it can still be.

If you’re excited about Cities Skylines 2 and want to enhance your experience with the original just as Zocom did to build GTA San Andreas, then you’ll want to check out the best Cities Skylines mods. We’ve also got the Cities Skylines 2 system requirements, so you can ensure your rig is up to the task later this year.