See Cities: Skylines twinkle in its new After Dark trailer


Paradox Interactive have just released a new trailer for Cities: Skylines’ first expansion, After Dark. The expansion brings night time to the city builder, not only changing the game aesthetically, but also introducing some new features.

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Among the new features are specialised areas, new transport systems and new services and options.

The night time will see your residents behaving differently, too. Surely that means they’ll be hiding from the harsh reality of the outside world, playing video games and wondering what they are doing with their lives, just like me.

Apparently not. Your residents will go to nightclubs and karaoke bars to wind down after a busy day’s work. Even taxi services will be tweaked to help get inebriated citizens home. I’ve worked in nightclubs and I have no idea why anyone would want to simulate the aftermath. Luckily there’s also prisons added into the expansion, which is what most revelers in Lincoln, UK, deserve. Meanwhile beachfront escapes and activities will rake in the big money during the day.

Check out the trailer below:

After Dark will release on September 24 for PC, Mac and Linux.