Unity demo has the best bedsheets in gaming


The incredibly versatile game engine that gave us such classics as Gone Home, Cities: Skylines, and PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist has released a tech demo for their latest version – and the bedsheets look utterly divine.

If you’re shopping for a graphics card capable of glorious duvets such as these, check out our GTX 970 group test.

Featuring something called Screen-space Raytraced Reflections – or SSRRs for short – the demo shows off Unity Engine’s impressive lighting potential. The downloadable showcase lets you change colours and textures in a bedroom and mess about with light sources to see what kinds of effects you can achieve.

While Unity isn’t the first game engine to make use of SSRRs, its popularity among developers suggests that the future of gaming is likely to feature a whole lot of sumptuously rendered duvets, sheets and pillows.

The photorealistic demo is available to download for Windows and Mac, you can use the settings and sliders to test any planned bedroom remodel. You don’t want to leave the lighting in your painstaking City 17 homage to chance now, do you?