Civilization 5: Brave New World announced, culture and diplomacy to be revamped

Civilisation V: Brave New World, innit.

Civ 5’s second expansion sees the addition of new leaders, wonders and scenarios to the game, as well as a complete overhaul of its most divisive victory conditions: culture and diplomacy. It’s to be called Brave New World, because unbelievably that’s apparently a name Firaxis have never used before.

Brave New World will see the introduction of a new means to bring about Diplomatic Victory: World Congress. There, you can draw up and vote on resolutions, ranging in subject from trade sanctions and resource caps to nuclear weapons control and the prospective host of the Olympic-like ‘World Games’. To promote their country’s interests, players will need to engage in vote trading and intrigue.

Of great interest to World Congress will be new international trade routes. Cities can trade with other factions via land and sea, or with other cities internally to provide much-needed resources. What’s more, tradeable resources will be expanded to include the fruits of your science, religion and culture investment.

New Culture Victories will be brought about by aggressive promotion of masterpieces from your Great Writers, Artists and Musicians. The Mona Lisa, for instance.

Elsewhere there’s the prospect of nine new leaders, eight world wonders, new Industrial Age ideologies. New scenarios will take in the US Civil War and the colonial push into Africa.

I think it’s safe to presume that this and the One World expansion recently uncovered in Steam’s database are one and the same. What are you most excited to see change in this new, relatively unwarlike Civ?

Thanks, PC Gamer.