Player finds landlocked Civ 6 Bermuda Triangle, no shipwreck required

One player stumbled across a Civ 6 Bermuda Triangle like no other, but you won't find it yourself unless you meet a few criteria first

The Civ 6 Bermuda Triangle is a phenomenon in itself, transporting your naval units across the map and generally living up to its enigmatic, real-life counterpart. Reddit user and Civ 6 fan sewersocialism stumbled on something even rarer and more unique, though: a Bermuda Triangle that’s completely landlocked.

This miracle of simulated nature isn’t something you can expect to find in a normal Civ 6 game, though. As some commenters pointed out and sewersocialism clarified, the inland Bermuda Triangle can only occur thanks to Sukritact’s Oceans, an expansive mod that completely overhauled the high seas of Civ 6 when it first released in 2021. Sukritact’s Oceans adds a wealth of marine biodiversity, from kelp forests to seals, but it also has a curious effect on coastal borders.

Normally, oceans can’t spawn next to land. There has to be a coast tile buffer, but Sukritact’s mod reduces that buffer requirement, making it possible for the ocean to run right up against land tiles.

Considering what the Bermuda Triangle lets you do, it’s no wonder Firaxis’ unmodded 4X game doesn’t let them spawn as essentially Bermuda Lakes. Drop a unit into the triangle square, and they end up transported across the world map. There’s some argument over whether it spits your armies out at the same point every time or at different points during the game.

Either way, the advantage to the one who finds and uses the triangle is significant – so if you’re using Sukritact’s Oceans, make sure to keep an eye out for mysterious ponds to get an extra edge on your opponent.

Civ 6 might be half a decade old, but it’s still throwing up unexpected developments for players. Along with the landlocked Bermuda Triangle, there was another recent discovery of a mysterious landmass no one seems to have an explanation for.