Beyond Earth: Rising Tide’s diplomacy changes shown off in trailer, livestream tonight


Much like Tim, I wasn’t too impressed with the initial version of Beyond Earth. It was polished enough and I enjoyed the aethetics of the new world, but after a single game I felt I was done with it. Too similar to what I’d done before and not interested in going the wacky routes of its competitors. Expansion Rising Tide has my attention though, not least because Civ 5’s expansions were incredible but also the specific areas they’re dealing with seem up my street. In a new vignette, Firaxis break down the new diplomacy measures available.

For more on exactly this, read Tim’s diplomacy-focused preview. I’m a lil’ ol’ junior Edwards in that I agree with basically everything he says in regards to the game here. I still don’t know if a rebooted Beyond Earth can pip Stellaris or Endless Space 2 for my sci-fi empire-building love, but I’m certainly willing to give it a shot.

For more on Rising Tide, Firaxis are doing a live-stream in about fifteen minutes, at 7pm British time. You can watch it via their Twitch channel embedded below.