Civilization: Beyond Earth intro cinematic is as beautiful as you’d expect

Civilization: Beyond Earth

The official intro cinematic for the next installment in Sid Meier’s turn-based wonder, Civilization: Beyond Earth, has just been released for the masses to see. The Civilization games have always had a knack in giving us some spectacular cinematic eye-candy, and Beyond Earth is nothing less.

If I only had one criticism, it’s that the cinematic portrays a pseudo peace across humanity, when we all know that just isn’t going to be the case. It may of started out as one noble cause and united under one goal, but we all know that when humanity touches down on that ripe planet, human nature will take over.

The real question is: which human faction is going to be the new Gandhi?

You can check out Rob’s Civilization: Beyond Earth preview while you wait for its release on October 24th.