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Civilization Online enters closed beta in Korea

Civilization Online

Civilization Online has been deathly quiet for almost a year, until now. A new promotional video shows off the new MMO which is being developed for the Asian market: currently in closed beta in Korea. The game is being built by XLGAMES – the same studio behind Lineage – and is led by the well known Eastern developer Jake Song.

Here’s the promotional beta video:

The MMO will feature four civilizations per server, all vying to be the best of the best. There will be building, researching and combat all the way from the “stone age to the space age”. You can also win the game.

It sounds great on paper, but it’ll be interesting to see how it translates to the game. Who will get to decide if there is to be war with another civilization? What dictates the research schedule? And when exactly is the game considered won?

There’s certainly many unanswered questions.

There’s no word of if the game will find its way to the western markets, but at the very least there’s measurable progress to be seen.