Civilization V mod installs Kim Jong-Un as leader. Also includes horse


Steam user kingchris20 has created a mod for Civilization V, which puts North Korea and their “supreme” leader, Kim Jong-un into the game. Don’t be fooled to think that this is some half-thought out joke: the mod includes it’s own civilopedia entries, unique abilities, units and buildings. You can grab it on the Steam Workshop right now, but you will need the Gods and Kings expansion to play.

Lets take a look at why you should pick North Korea:

Unique Ability:

(Nuclear Bully) Unit maintenance cost reduced by 33%, Uranium resources doubled. Length of golden ages reduced by 10%.

Unique Unit:

Koksan – Replaces the Artillery. +23 Combat Strength, +30 Ranged Strength, must set up prior to firing.

Unique Buildings:

Juche Tower – Replaces Hermitage. +5 Culture, +50% Culture, provides 1 free social policy.

Pyongyang Military Academy – Replaces the Military Academy. +15 XP to naval, land, and air units, +1 Culture.

Don’t worry about this interfering with other similar mods. If you have the Korean DLC installed, it changes all references from “Korea” to “South Korea”.

PC gaming ftw.