Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass: Babylon Pack is out now, here’s what’s in it

A new game mode, new civ, and tons of great people are all included in the pack

Hammurabi has arrived and he won’t shut up about some ‘code’ he’s developed. Actually, what’s really arrived is the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass: Babylon Pack, bringing with it the famous law-giver, a brand new game mode, and a host of Great People to liven up your next game of Civ.

We’ve learned quite a bit about how Hammurabi and the new Babylonian civilisation will work in the 4X game – it’s a faction that’s going to really shine in the early game, with a massive boost to science thanks to Enuma Anu Enlil, its unique ability that grants a full science bonus toward technology whenever you hit a eureka moment. Hammurabi himself has the ability to construct each special district’s lowest-cost building for free the first time a district is built – all of this together means that Babylon stands to be well ahead of the technology game pretty early on.

2K has also shared additional details about the new Heroes and Legends game mode, which has players recruiting legendary heroes, who each has a powerful special ability but who will eventually die. However, they all leave behind two Heroic Relic great works – one epic, and one symbolic object. These can be used for the rest of the game and displayed in monuments.

Here’s the full list of heroes:


  • Agile: Ignores Movement penalties in Woods and Rainforest terrain.
  • Anansi’s Tricks – Use when located on a Bonus or Luxury Resource. Anansi consumes the resource and generates 60 Science and 50 Culture. Costs 1 Charge and ends turn.


  • Arthur’s Accolade: Target an adjacent land military unit you control. Arthur transforms the unit into a Questing Knight: a unique Heavy Cavalry unit with increased Combat Strength and 12 Lifespan. Costs 1 Charge, 1 Movement. After the Questing Knight’s Lifespan expires, the unit disappears (i.e. the original unit does not return).


  • Rugged: Ignores Movement penalties in Hills terrain.
  • Beowulf’s Challenge: Target an adjacent enemy unit with Combat Strength less than Beowulf’s. Beowulf immediately destroys the target. Costs 1 Charge, 1 Movement.


  • Rugged: Ignores Movement penalties in Hills terrain.
  • Hercules’ Labor: Use when located on a friendly District under construction. Hercules immediately completes construction of the District. Costs 2 Charges and ends turn.
  • Hercules’ Rage: Use when located on an enemy District. Hercules destroys all buildings present and pillages the District. Costs 1 Charge and ends turn.


  • Inspiring: +10 Combat Strength to all units within 2 tiles.
  • Himiko’s Charm: Target any adjacent City-State. Himiko immediately places 1 free Envoy in the City-State. If you are already the Suzerain there, Himiko also earns 50 Faith. Costs 1 Charge and ends turn.
  • Himiko’s Rule: Use when within the territory of a City State you are Suzerain of. Himiko immediately levies its military at no cost. Costs 1 Charge.


  • Rugged: Ignores Movement penalties in Hills terrain.
  • Hippolyta’s Favor: Hippolyta automatically heals 20 HP each turn.
  • Hippolyta’s Command: Target any adjacent friendly unit that has moved or attacked this turn. Hippolyta immediately restores the unit’s moves and attacks. Useable once per turn.

Hunahpu & Xbalanque

  • Agile: Ignores Movement penalties in Woods and Rainforest terrain
  • The Twins’ Resurrection: Any ordinary land unit killed by Hunahpu & Xbalanque is resurrected under your control with full HP and movement.


  • Agile: Ignores Movement penalties in Woods and Rainforest terrain.
  • Maui’s Inventions: Use when located on an unowned, empty plot. Maui creates a random Bonus or Luxury Resource on the plot. Costs 1 Charge and ends turn.


  • Mulan’s Devotion: Mulan gains 1 Combat Strength every turn.
  • Mulan’s Defiance: Mulan fully fortifies automatically at the end of every turn.


  • Swift: Ignores all terrain Movement penalties.
  • Oya’s Storm: Damage all adjacent enemies and heal all adjacent owned units by 40. Costs 1 Charge and ends turn.


  • Navigator: Can enter Ocean tiles.
  • Sinbad’s Journeys: Sinbad earn 500 Gold whenever he discovers a Continent or Natural Wonder.
  • Sinbad’s Fortunes: Target any adjacent enemy naval unit or Barbarian Camp. The target is either cleared or damaged by 50%, and Sinbad immediately earns 300 Gold. Costs 1 Charge.

Sun Wukong

  • Swift: Ignores all terrain Movement penalties.
  • Sun Wukong’s Disguise: Sun Wukong is hidden unless adjacent to an enemy unit.
  • Sun Wukong’s Immortality: Sun Wukong has significantly increased Lifespan.

Gilgamesh will have his Unique Ability, Legacy of Enkidu, tweaked:

  • With Heroes and Legends disabled: When at war with a common foe, they and their allies share pillage rewards and share combat experience gains if within 5 tiles. Their Alliances gain Alliance Points for being at war with a common foe.
  • With Heroes and Legends enabled: 25% Production increase when claiming Heroes, and Heroes have 20% longer Lifespans.
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The pack also includes six new city-states. Here’s the full breakdown:


  • Type: Cultural
  • Suzerain Bonus: Gain Culture equal to 10% of the construction cost when finishing buildings.


  • Type: Industrial
  • Suzerain Bonus: Cities receive +1 Production for every improved resource type. After researching Industrialization, it becomes +2 Production.


  • Type: Militaristic
  • Suzerain Bonus: Receive Great General points when a land unit defeats a civilization or City-State’s unit and receive Great Admiral points when a naval unit defeats a civilization or City-State’s unit equal to 25% of the opposing unit’s strength (Standard Speed).


  • Type: Religious
  • Suzerain Bonus: International and domestic Trade Routes receive +1 Faith for every follower in this city, of your founded or majority religion.


  • Type: Scientific
  • Suzerain Bonus: City-State and their Suzerain can build the Mahavihara improvement.
  • Mahavihara: +2 Science and +1 Housing. +1 Faith for every adjacent Holy Site and +1 Science for every adjacent Campus district. After researching Scientific Theory, receive an additional +1 Science for every adjacent Campus. When a player constructs their first Mahavirhara receive a random technology. Must be built on flat terrain not adjacent to another Mahavihara.


  • Type: Trade
  • Suzerain Bonus: City-State and their Suzerain can build the Trading Dome improvement.
  • Trading Dome: +2 Gold. +1 Gold for every adjacent Luxury resource. Your ongoing international Trade Routes grant +1 Gold per Trading Dome at the origin. Cannot be built next to another Trading Dome.

Additionally, the Babylon pack will add 24 new great people – these include cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, Egyptian architect Imhotep, the poet Rumi, and children’s author and illustrator Beatrix Potter.