Lady Six Sky leads the Maya in Civ 6’s first Frontier Pass pack

Civilization VI is getting another several rounds of new content with its Frontier Pass, and the first pack of new civs – including the Maya and Gran Colombia – hits next week on May 21. With days remaining until the launch, developer Firaxis has unveiled the Maya and their leader, Lady Six Sky, along with all the civ’s unique abilities and options.

Lady Six Sky’s unique ability is Ix Mutal Ajaw, which gives cities within six tiles of the capital a +10% bonus to all yields, while all other cities suffer a -15% penalty to yields, and it gives a +5 combat strength bonus to all units with that six tile perimeter. This alone suggests that the Maya are going to be a terrific civ for turtling – or going tall in the Civ meta parlance.

The civ’s unique ability is Mayab, which lets farms provide a +1 bonus to housing and gold, and gives you +1 amenity on luxuries adjacent to the city center – however, you get no bonus from settling next to water. The Maya’s unique unit is the Hul-che, which replaces the archer – it gets bonus ranged strength over the base unit, and an additional +5 bonus against injured enemies.

The Maya’s special infrastructure is the Observatory, replacing the Campus at a cheaper construction price. It gets a +2 science bonus for adjacent plantations, and a +1 science bonus for every two adjacent farms or districts.

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Fans of strategy games don’t have much longer to wait, as the Maya and Gran Colombia pack launches on May 21 – you should expect more info on the latter civ soon. The pack will also introduce the Apocalypse game mode, and new city-states, resources, and natural wonders.