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This Civilization 6 mod restores Civ 5 InfoAddict’s Global Relations panel

Civilization V's Global Relations Panel mod has now been brought into Civ VI

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Remember Rob K’s InfoAddict mod for Civ V? It added a Global Relationships panel to the UI, showing what each civ thought of the others via a handy colour-coded web – no more calling up each leader individually to check on their relationships before declaring a potentially ill-advised war.

Well, fans rejoice – the panel mod has now been brought to Civilization VI, so you can start conquering equipped with all that lovely knowledge once again. Using a simple infographic, the Global Relations panel mod displays each and every political and economic relationship between you and all the competing empires.

The Civ VI port comes via Sukritact, a much-admired, long-time legend of the Civilization modding scene. In his words: “the Global relations panel allows you to see, at a glance, what each leader thinks of every other leader. You can see who is at war with whom, if they are allies, and what type of allies they are. It also shows the various deals, such as Open Borders, Defensive Pacts, and Research Agreements (pre-Rise and Fall)”.

The mod looks to address what Sukritact says is one problem with diplomacy in the game: “you never really know what anyone else is doing or what they think of anyone else. This aims to fix that”.

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The beauty of the mod is that, if you’re keen to start your well-informed warring right away, but have just hit all those adjacency bonuses in a new game, you won’t have to restart. Just enable the mod and it should work, even in games that are already in progress.

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Feeling tempted? Check out the mod’s page and put the power to prevail back at your fingertips. You may not need that One More Turn after all.