We try Civ 6’s new 50-turn Cavalry and Cannonades scenario

Civ 6 cavalry and cannonades Let's Play

Gandhi was once famously asked what he thought of western civilization. Misinterpreting the question slightly, he responded by stating that it was really in-depth and involving and that he enjoyed the unique units and abilities, but games sometimes dragged on a bit. It appears that Firaxis took that criticism to heart, because decades later they’ve released a new multiplayer scenario for Civ VI with a strict 50-turn limit, an industrial era start point, and a laser-focus on providing a one-sitting match. But does it deliver on its promises? Phil and Rich are here to find out. 

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You’re given quite a sizeable army at the start of Cavalry and Cannonades mode, and we’ll give you one guess what types of unit that army’s comprised of. With a couple of Settlers, some Builders and Scouts too, there’s actually a lot to do in the first turn, since the overall objective is to be in control of the most tiles by turn 50.

You can go about it by dominating enemy civs, since your gain is also their loss that way. Or you can take a rather more pacifist approach and instead spam out those Settlers for a world brimming with tiny, rubbish cities. Unit costs are reduced and resource requirements nullified, so whichever approach you opt for will be implemented swiftly.

But can it really be done in an evening? Well, we got 18 turns deep in an hour and twenty – so probably not, unless you like mainlining energy drinks in the wee hours.

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