Queen Amanitore leads Nubia into Civilization 6 and she’s going to build everything


The latest civ to arrive in Civilization VI are the Nubians, led by Kandake (Queen) Amanitore. She ruled the ancient Kushitic Kingdom of Meroë – later or also known as Nubia – at a time when some of its grandest construction projects were completed. Accordingly, she confers some powerful production bonuses to the Nubians.

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The Nubian unique ability is Ta-Seti, which provides +50% production toward ranged units, +50% combat experience for all ranged units, and causes mines to give +1 bonus production if built on strategic resources, and +2 gold if built over luxury or bonus resources.

Their unique unit is the Pitati Archer, which is stronger and faster than the conventional Archer it replaces. They also get a unique tile improvement in the Nubian Pyramid, which provides faith, and gives bonuses based on adjacent districts or city centres. They can only be built in deserts, desert hills, or floodplains.

Amanitore’s leader ability is Kandake of Meroë, which gives +20% production towards all districts, rising to +40% if there is a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the city centre.

Nubia look really strong. Building things is the bedrock of Civ – hence, a production bonus is one that can be turned toward nearly any playstyle. Put up a Nubian Pyramid early and you’ll romp ahead of the competition when it comes to city development, and a strong archer in the ancient era is ideal for deterring early rushers.

The DLC also includes a new scenario, titled Gift of the Nile. You can lead either Nubia or Egypt as the two civs race to control the Nile river – the winner is the first civ to complete seven temples.

Nubia will be free for owners of the Civ VI deluxe edition upon their release, which should be soon – new civs generally haven’t had long build-ups. Pricing for a standalone purchase also hasn’t been confirmed, but based on previous Civs, it’s likely to be about £3.99 (or $4.99 if you’re in the US).

Here’s the announcement on Steam.