Civilization 6 trailer unstacks cities for more considered building and expanded warfare

Civilization 6

One of Civilization 6’s biggest updates is the unstacking of cities, with cities now spreading across multiple tiles separated by districts. This change will not only give cities a distinct look, but it’ll spice up some of the game’s decision making when it comes to both building and warfare.

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With building, you’ll have to think about where to place certain districts, with the landscape offering different benefits for different constructions.

Even Wonders need to take the land into consideration, with some only able to be erected on certain terrain – you’ll need to build the pyramids on sand, for example.

When it comes to warfare, your enemy might try and cripple specific functions of your city, methodically working through and lopping off important districts as they close in on your capital. Maybe you should have used that mountain range to defend your capital’s flank, rather than getting that bonus to your university.

Allow Firaxis to talk you through how it works in this new video: