Civilization 6’s behind-closed-doors E3 trailer lets Sean Bean show us the growth of a nation

Civilization 6

The behind-closed-doors Civilization 6 presentation has been released to the public, giving players an abridged look at a complete campaign. 

Here’s the Civilization 6 release date, combat, research – everything we know.

Sean Bean narrates the trailer, taking us through every moment from when the settlers lay the first stone/plank/erect a mud hut – or whatever it is they put up. Sean Bean makes everything better. It is known.

We get a glimpse at the new systems in the trailer, giving us a taste of how unstacking cities changes the game. Quite a bit, it seems – with districts acting as tactical targets for warring nations as well as providing bonuses based on terrain location.

We’re taken through first contact with Barbarians, right up to the dawn of the industrial age and beyond. My favourite bit in the trailer is where WW2 planes perform a bombing run on some dated cavalry units.

From there, we’re shown how wonders are erected and eventually a tech victory as the player take their first steps in space. With Bean narrating, it’s almost as soothing as watching a David Attenborough documentary.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Civilization 6 releases on October 21.