Want to beat Civilization 6 on Deity? Try these (pretty broken) community strats

The Civ 6 community has come together to share their most ludicrous strategies for beating the game

Jayavarman of the Khmer Laughs Heartily in Civ 6

When it comes to 4X game Civilization VI, there are a bunch of ways you can challenge yourself. The one-city challenge is a fun one, but a more obvious achievement is beating the legendary strategy game on its most legendary difficulty setting – Deity.

This titanic feat is going to require S-tier strats, the kind of galaxy-brained plays that epitomise every single meme you can think of, and then some. For newer players who have less experience with Civ VI’s systems, it can be hard to know what those are. If you’re one of those people – perhaps you picked the game up while it was stupendously cheap – you’re in luck. The Civilization community is here to help with their most mad-cap strategies.

User TheFreeloader from the Civilization subreddit started a thread to collect crazy or overpowered tips, with the aim of helping “newer players who want something that will allow them to beat Deity for the first time.” We’ve had a look at some of these, and can confirm that there are indeed some next-level plays.

Here’s the thread, if you want to check it out for yourself:

The most broken setups and strategies in Civ 6 from civ

Please note that some of Freeloader’s suggestions, as well as others in the replies, require content from various New Frontier Pass packs – like the secret societies mode, or specific Civ 6 civs.

One of our favourites comes from the collected wisdom in some of the replies around Kupe. His potential makes any game super easy, provided you’re playing on a Terra map and head in the right direction.

As user ButlerShurkbait summarises: “In Terra, everyone spawns on the same continent. Except Kupe in this setup, who spawns on an ocean tile. Because Terra is a continents map, there will be a second continent yet to be explored. But Kupe can explore it. And if you just take over the continent, you not only get all the juicy land, you get all the city states that spawn there. And the resources.”

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When Hammurabi and the Babylonians were first introduced, we had a feeling they might be overpowered and the new top-dog of science civs, and it seems we were right. One of TheFreeloader’s suggestions involves Babylon, although you need to study the tech tree a bit first to truly know how to make the most of the unique abilities.

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Pay attention to the above tips, and the fun will never stop – the perfect fodder to tide you over until Civilization 7 comes along.