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Our epic Civilization 6 Let’s Play reaches its season finale - can we win?

Civ 6 let's play

If you’ve been watching this series of Civilization VI Let’s Plays thus far, you’re obviously sitting on your hands and trembling with anticipation as this season finale drops. There’s so much on the line here: pride, spoils, plaudits, and most importantly: a science victory. Or, to be specific: taking the lead towards a science victory.

Okay, so it’s not the script from the last episode of The Sopranos, but the preview build we’ve been playing was pretty strict about stopping after 150 turns so we were never realistically going to get the space race done and dusted. Not with all those Barbarians being jerks for hundreds of years nearby. Still, the question remains: can Phil and Joel seal the deal? You’ll have to watch to find out. We’ll never tell!

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We managed to scrape through a plague of early setbacks ranging from surprisingly proficient Barbarians to an all-out war with Teddy Roosevelt, hitting our stride in episode three and pushing the invading American forces back to where they came.

It’s fair to say we didn’t exactly ace the opening turns, but look: it’s a new game with new systems and units, Barbarians are a bit smarter now, and shut up. We’re still here, aren’t we?

If you missed episode one, catch up with it here:

And now that you’re hooked (obviously) here’s episode two, too:

Here’s episode three:

Might as well get completely up to date now, eh? Episode four’s just below.

Guess what? That’s right, episode five.

Here’s episode six.

And guess what, episode seven.

Finally, for the full box set of our Let’s Play series, the penultimate episode eight.

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