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Civilization 6 gets Civ 5’s maps thanks to this mod

Eight of the 10 have been converted

A settlement in Civilization 6, next to a forest, mountains and coastline in the distance

Saying goodbye to an old game when the sequel comes out can be difficult, especially when the gaps between installments are long. A Civilization 6 player has decided to ease this pain for Civilization 5 fans by converting a bunch of the latter’s maps to the new(er) game.

The Civilization 5 Scenario Map Pack on Steam Workshop is exactly what it says on the tin, offering most of the maps you play-though in the 4X game, updated for its more recent counter-part. Eight of Civ 5’s 10 set maps are included, stretching across the globe and world history, all converted by modder Crumblus Crisp, using the Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter from Zobtzler.

The maps are as follows: British Isles from 1066: Year of Viking Destiny, Eastern United States from American Civil War, Eurasia from Rise of the Mongols, Europe from Into the Renaissance, Fertile Crescent from Wonders of the Ancient World, Mediterranean from Fall of Rome, Northeast Asia from Samurai Invasion of Korea, and South Pacific from Paradise Found. As mentioned, it’s not a complete set, you’re missing Northeast Asia from Samurai Invasion of Korea and Africa from Scramble for Africa, but it’s the bulk of them.

This map pack joins another recent mod that brought back the bonus for being the first to circumnavigate the globe, from Civilization 4. Slowly but surely, modders are making Civilization 6 into the ultimate Civ game.

Civilization 6 got a large update this week too, adding seven clan types for Barbarians. The patch is there for everyone Frontier Pass or not. Whatever form your next Civ venture takes, be sure to consult our guide to the best civilisations in Civ 6 beforehand.