Civ 6’s Portugal DLC pack is out now

The final piece of the New Frontier Pass also adds the new zombie defence mode

Joao III rendered in Civ 6

The last piece of Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass is out now, adding the fan-favourite Portugal to the 4X game’s roster of playable civilisations. The new micro-DLC also adds Portugal’s ‘Grocer King’ João III as a leader, as well as the slightly goofy zombie defence mode.

As a nation, Portugal is focused on maritime trade and exploration, with its unique unit, the Nau, replacing the standard caravel – bringing a free promotion and a lower maintenance cost to the table. João III himself adds +1 sight to all units, so exploring is significantly easier to do as Portugal. As Portugal, you’ll also get an extra trade route added to your capacity each time you encounter a new civilisation, so there’s plenty of good reasons to head out on the open sea and start scouring the globe.

Zombies mode, also introduced in today’s patch, is the more fanciful and experimental part of the package. You’ll have to fight back against hordes of zombies raised from the remains of normal combat units killed on the field, and these hordes will grow by wandering around killing more units on their own.

It’ll be a fun way to watch the zombie infection spread around the world, and we reckon the late game could get pretty bleak if the zombies reach certain numerical thresholds.

Now that the Portugal pack is out, there’s only one more major update left in the New Frontier Pass – namely, the big April patch, which is billed as “the biggest community update event ever” and will be rebalancing about two thirds of the existing civilisations in the game.