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Get one of the best strategy games, Civilization 6, for less than $3

Civilization 6, the latest in the beloved strategy series, is massively discounted on Steam right now as part of the ongoing Summer Sale.

Get one of the best strategy games, Civilization 6, for less than $3: A bearded man in chainmail, Harald Hardrada in Civilization 6.

While we recently learned that Civilization 7 is being made by Firaxis right now, it won’t be launched until sometime next year. That isn’t a huge issue, given that strategy players have plenty of other great options to check out in the form of recent games like Manor Lords, Homeworld 3, Total War: Pharaoh, and Against the Storm, as well as extremely cheap ways to catch up on past Civilization entries — like Civilization 6, which is currently discounted by a massive 95% for a few more days via the Steam Summer Sale.

Civilization 6 launched back in 2016 and, over years of updates, has gone on to become one of the best strategy games to date. It continued to iterate on and streamline the nation building (and competing) formula established through previous entries to the series while adding in new features and a staggering array of civilizations and leaders.

Though its upcoming sequel will likely refresh the series even more, getting into Civ 6 now that its well polished and packed with so many features is a great opportunity, and even more so with its price slashed to less than $3 USD.

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Civilization 6 is a substantial 95% off ($2.99 USD / £2.49) from now until this Thursday July 11. Its Platinum Edition, which includes six of its DLC packs and the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, is also discounted by 91% ($14.76 USD / £13.31) and its complete Anthology edition, which packs in the above expansions, DLC, and more, is 88% off ($24.15 USD / £20.82). Grab a copy of any of these versions of the game right here.

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