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This week’s PlayStation-exclusive shooter starring a snail is coming to PC

The PS4/PS5 exclusive Clid The Snail - a top-down shooter starring a grumpy snail - is coming to Steam later this year.

This Tuesday sees the release of a pretty unusual game, even by our standards – Clid The Snail, a gritty top-down shooter starring a grumpy snail fighting against killer slugs. If that description has you intrigued, the bad news is that it’s a PS4/PS5 exclusive – or at least, it was, as it’s getting a Steam release later this year.

Clid The Snail is described as an “innovative top-down shooter” with a focus on story and a careful Dark Souls-esque approach to combat, along with puzzles to solve and mechanics to overcome. The cast of characters on Clid’s team includes “a shy hedgehog, a shaman turtle, a mute bat, and a ninja frog”, a list that makes us want to play it even more.

We’ll get our chance, although sadly not for a while. While Clid The Snail (we even love typing that) is out for PlayStation consoles on August 31, it’s not coming to PC until “late 2021” – although the game’s Steam page is up already. It costs £15.99/$19.99/€19.99 on PS4/PS5, so expect the price to be similar when the game comes out on PC.

Clid The Snail was actually the Game of the Year and Best Art winner at the 2019 Spanish PlayStation Talents Awards, which supports indie developers in Spain. PlayStation put up €10,000 towards the game’s development, as well as help with promotion and marketing, with the proviso that it couldn’t come to PC for at least three months – so expect to see Clid on Steam around November/December time.

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Clid The Snail certainly could be the best game starring a snail since the Braid-like Chronology, and it’s certainly one of best PS5 games out this year.